SL Capital AB is a real-estate investment company. We currently own 8 properties, all located in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Pictures of our properties

Rathsacksvej 12, 1862 Frederiksberg

The purchase price for this building was 18M DKK. The tenant in this building is a private day-care center for children. We are currently expanding the building in order to make room for 2 tenants.

Rebekkavej 10
2900 Hellerup

Located in the most expensive ZIP code in Denmark, this property was purchased in 2014 for 12.500.000 DKK. The net yield is 5%. The seller "forgot" to inform about a mold-problem, but has since compensated us.

Invest Bremerholm 18 fotograf Peter Dahl
Ryesgade 15 - 17 Basement, 2200 Copenhagen

Ryesgade 15-17 lower floor is a 1050 m2 office space. Tenants include IT-companies and consultants. The offices are spacious and bright, and rent levels are 50% below market.

Bremerholm 18 / Vingårdstræde 18, 1070 Copenhagen

This property is located in the heart of Copenhagen, only 100 meters from Kongens Nytorv. The main tenant, occupying 85% of the building, is a not-for profit organisation funded by the council.

Gladsaxevej 22-26, 2860 Søborg

This 2150 m2 property consists of 18 apartments plus full basement area for storage and facilities. The apartments will be let out in the start of 2022. The property as been built to very high standards.

Øresundsvej 94,
2300 Copenhagen

This is a student home, close to metro and the beach. There is a very long waiting list, as rental levels are far below market price. The building was constructed in 2011, we purchased the building in 2012.

Invest Lyngbyvej Gentofte fotograf Peter
Lyngbyvej 317A, 2820 Gentofte

This property has hosted sports activites since 1969. It is located in Gentofte Council north of Copenhagen. Current tenants is Fitness World, scandinavias largest operator of fitness centers. The purchase price was 19M.

Sankt Hans Gade 19,
2200 Copenhagen

Purchased in 2014 for 22M, this property is located in a highly attractive residential area. The main tenant was Københavns Kommune, but we have managed to cancel the contract, in order to renovate and increase rents.


Our most expensive property so far is located at Bremerholm 18 / Vingårdstræde 18 in the very center of Copenhagen, only 100 meters from Kongens Nytorv. We purchased the property in 2015, after more than 1 year of negotiating. We outbid several competing buyers, and the property was acquired for 28.450.000 DKK. Our main tenant is Kirkens Korshærs Ungdomscenter, which is a non-profit organisation helping youths with drug addiction. They have been tenants in the building since 1969. The building yields gross rents of approximately 1.900.000 DKK per annum. Our purchase price was 18.000 per SQM. 


Pictures of our properties


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New Development - waiting list

We are constructing new apartments in Copenhagen, located 7km from the city center in the Dyssegård area.

 The apartments will be ready for new tenants from 1st of January 2022. Please fill in the form below if you wish to be added to the waiting list.

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Torben Svenningsen, CEO
+46 8 23 80 10.
Tenants in our buildings

Tenants at Øresundsvej:

Please contact Kollegiernes Kontor, Dahlerupsgade 3, 1603 København V, Telephone +45 3363 0500. Please ask for Anette Panduro.

Tenants at Rebekkavej, Sankt Hans Gade,

Bremerholm, Rathsacksvej, Lyngbyvej and Ryesgade:

Please contact Administrationshuset, Gammel Køge Landevej 57, 3. sal. Telephone +45 7022 2215. Please ask for Rikke Bøye Larsen.